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Registration dates

Registration has been extended until Sunday, 5 March 2023 for admitted students. 此安排视乎新入学学生的名额而定.



The im游戏 Council approved be relaxing of some of our Mandatory Vaccination Policy stipulations and Implementation Protocols.

Should there be an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections and in the resultant risk to our staff, students, and third parties, 大学可能会被要求恢复暂停实施的措施.



The University of Johannesburg would like to encourage students who applied for NSFAS to check their funding status on the myNSFAS portal The University continuously engages NSFAS on timelines for the release of funding outcomes. To date, we have not received funding outcome for first years and continuing students.

由于学术空间的限制,无法保证, the University would like to urge students who can raise the minimum tuition fee payment of R3870,00支付,以便进行学术注册. The registration fee will be refunded to the students once NSFAS funding is confirmed. Students who cannot raise the minimum are encouraged to apply for the im游戏 SRC Trust Fund that will assist with the registration fee咱/ StudentLifeAndGovernance.



im游戏 Student Finance

20 January 2023



We alert all our students of the scavengers’ activities that are happening within and outside our campuses. 这些活动以诈骗和欺诈的形式发生.

It has come to our attention that there are individuals who pose as university employees or student representatives in an attempt to defraud our students. 这些人将承诺为学生提供学术空间, bursaries, student accommodation and or registration assistance in an exchange of cash. 一旦他们拿到钱, they will either vanish without trace or use fraudulent credit cards in carrying out their promises, the credit card transaction will at the end be reversed leaving the students with enormous debt.

im游戏是一个无现金的环境, and no amount of money must be given to any of our staff members or students representatives to get any assistance. Students and parents are urged to always be alert and to only interact with the university using the official platforms. im游戏还敦促他们向im游戏的欺诈热线报告任何可疑活动.

Tel: 0800 872 846


Steps to register online:

2023 Registration Guide




学生可以在网上向图书馆缴纳罚款. However we can only lift blocks placed on students three days after payment as we need to receive these funds before the block is lifted.

Please follow this link for banking details to pay your fine into the University account: 图书馆罚款及银行资料


Kingsway campus: 前台,信件,QVS,病假条,F7申诉 -电气工程科学系机械工程科学系 -土木工程科学系


Doornfontein campus: – SLP Coordination -土木工程技术系 – Department of Mining -建设管理系 -质量和运营管理部 -电气技术系 & 城市与区域规划系“, -机械与工业工程系 -化学工程系 & Department of Metallurgy


Bunting Road Campus:  - Nkhensani Ngobeni工程管理学院

Staff Member

Undergraduate degrees

Postgraduate degrees

011 559 5516

Student surnames: A – F

Masters 社会政策与发展哲学硕士
荣誉、硕士和博士学位 in African Languages; Afrikaans; English; French; Greek and Latin Studies; Linguistics; Cultural Studies; Applied Linguistics; Urban Studies

Ms Laurinda Van Den Berg
011 559 4625

Student surnames: G – K

Study-abroad programmes

荣誉、硕士和博士学位 in Industrial Sociology; Social Impact Assessment; Sociology

011 559 3644

Student surnames: L – MAB

荣誉、硕士和博士学位 政治学和国际关系专业


Rev Deon Botman

Student surnames: MAC – MAQ

荣誉、硕士和博士学位 in Journalism, Film and Television; Religion Studies


Ms Mercial Samms

Student surnames: MAR – ME

Honours 传播学(姓A - Mi); Honours 心理学(姓A - Me); Masters in Psychology (Research); Counselling Psychology (Coursework)

Doctorates in Communication Studies

Mr Ismail Fadal
011 559 3232

Student surnames: MF – MOM

Honours 传播学(姓Mj - Z); Honours 心理学(姓Mf - Z); Masters in Fundamental Communication (Research) ; Clinical Psychology (Coursework)

Doctorates in Psychology

Mr Aphiwe Somabhele
011 559 2197

Student surnames: NU – SEK

PG Progress Reports; and Assists with: Bursaries 荣誉/硕士及博士学位; Postdoc Registrations

Mrs Rene Jordaan
011 559 2660


荣誉、硕士和博士学位 – Development Studies

SHDC Submissions

Ms Manuela Mackay
011 559 2051

Student surnames: ND – NT

Undergraduate Graduations

Honours – Historical Studies; African Studies; Strategic Communication

Masters – Historical Studies; Corporate Communication; Strategic Communication

Doctorates – Historical Studies; Strategic Communication

Postgraduate Graduations

Ms Hape Setloboko
011 559 2197

Student surnames: SEL – TSH

PG Progress Reports; and Assists with: Bursaries 荣誉/硕士及博士学位; Postdoc Registrations

011 559 2576

Student surnames: MON – NC

Honours 社会政策,社区发展

Masters in Clinical Social Work; Community Development

Doctorates in Social Work

Ms Sune Theunissen

Student surnames: TSI Z

All students

Transcripts and Reception

Ms Ester van Wyk

Extended BA Degrees

金斯威和索韦托校区: Tshepang Marumo先生,+27(0)11 559 2096或

Kingsway Campus: Mampou Ngqumshe女士,+27(0)11 559 4517或

Kingsway Campus: 珊特尔·萨斯女士,+27(0)11 559 7780或

Doornfontein Campus: Thabang Mothebe先生,+27(0)11 559 6510或

Bunting Road Campus: Palesa Makwela女士,+27(0)11 559 1027或

Post Doctoral Fellows: Ziyanda Sam +27(0) 11 559 4099或